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Robyn Kirby

Spiritual Psychotherapist and Counsellor

WELCOME ... ......if you are interested in  Personal Development  -  then  this  site  is  for  you

Are you reading this website because you are feeling empty and lonely, perhaps also confused about life?  I can guide you on to a different path, one where you will very soon start feeling more calm,

peaceful and happy.


I am able to confidently state this to be true, as this has been my journey for more than 20 years.


Please read the Testimonials from happy clients.


 Voice and Body Dialogue

I travelled to Seattle and Boulder in Colorado, USA in Year 2006 and  Holland in 2007 for seminars in both Voice and Body Dialogue  I also trained with Robin and Paul Gale-Baker in Victoria, Michael Rowland in Qld and Ana Barner.



M: 0418 771 378 

email:  vibrheal9@yahoo.com.au


I look forward to talking with you soon.


Love from Robyn